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New Features!

Post by cfcbesto on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:17 pm

Hey, what's up? We got... 3 new features that I would like to announce today!

Let's get straight to it~

First, let me talk about 2 of the new features that are associated with posting in the forum.

We've added multiquote, so now when you want to quote multiple people you don't have to copy and paste their quotes! At the top of the posts, there should be "Select/Unselect multiquote", providing the topic is open to post in. Click on that and you'll activate multiquote for that post Very Happy

Also, posting is now much easier, particularly if you have slow internet! Now, you don't have to click "Add Reply" - There is a fast reply box at the bottom of every open topic for you to post in. This makes it much easier to post Wink

Lastly, we have yet ANOTHER Chatbox! Yes Very Happy But this time it's different, and it's a whole lot better! It's not the fail of Xat locking you out of your account. It's right in the forum! So now it's easier to access and you'll be in your account forever - Happy chatting! =)

That's all for the new features. Hope you enjoy and you can post feedback!

For any questions or doubts, please PM me to sort it out~




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