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about me(akshay)

Post by akshayfirebird on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:47 am

Akshay's here! My full name is quite short. it's Akshay raja. (raja means king in our mother toungue!) i like my friends calling me just akshay. well i am a quite funny guy likes to make new friends, easy going with friends, not a guy who messes up and fights with friends (it usually happens in our school and many cases have been filed about them) and a friend who never hurts others feelings. i usually have a very large friends network. to be friends with me pls add me as a friend on fb, https://www.facebook.com/akshayfirebird.
Well am from india. studying class 10. (here we dont call those grades. we call them classes) i am a guy who scores good grades but one who hates to study. i usually get A's in all subjects except maths. and i really hate maths.

I am a good athlete with an athletic built up body, was on my school's hockey team on class 5 (under 10), dig my way till the zonal level long jump competitions, a good soccer player (probably am good at full back or as the goal keeper), an average chess player, and an excellent cricket player. last year i was on my school's cricket team ( representing age groups under-14, under-16 and under-18)

my hobbies goes with writing poems(yesterday on 14/02/2012) written my 110th poem. if you want to view those go to this link akshaypoems.blogspot.com), reading tinkle(my favourite comincs) searching about pokemon related topics, wasting time on fb, dreaming about pokemons, roaming with fiends and sometimes studying, and of course playing cricket!

what i hate is my public exams or board exams are jst 49 days away and if i don't get above 90% i won't be able be alive in this world! and interestingly what i hate most starts with video games and goes on till maths! i even hate vanilla flavoured ice creams!

my favourite pokemons are sceptile and blaziken! it extends to garchomp and infernape!

that's all! i think it's quite long. pls dont be angry on me and finally am happy to post here after a long time! see ya!


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